September 25, 2020

TRUE BEAUTY Drama Adaptation 2020 CONFIRMED!

Note: Please read the pinned comment below for updates.

‘True Beauty’ Webtoon Trailer:

True Beauty is one of my current favorite webtoons and hearing the news that it will have a drama adaptation got me excited and happy. My actor choices are ASTRO’s Eunwoo (Suho), APRIL’s Naeun (Jugyeong) and SF9’s Rowoon (Seojun).

Fun Fact: Did you know that this type of videos are my very first content on my channel? I got my 1k subscribers through these.

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Apink – Mr. Chu (Inst.)

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this is a fanmade video.
i do not own the song nor the clips. i only own the editing. please do not redistribute my edits. thank you!

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  • True Beauty Live Adaption would look great if

    . Suho's character – Cha EunWoo
    . Seojun's character – Hyunbin (YGEnt)
    . Jugyeon's character – April Naeun or Kim Yoojung

    I personally think both the female above would fit the role really well.

    Oh and AOA Seolhyun should play Sujin

  • I think Lee jong suk fits the roll for Seojun too in my opinion and Jisoo was removed from yg entertainment acting label website😿

  • Do you think Jisoo would play the role? I also think that Jin (Worldwide handsome) could play Seojun. But, at the same time Hyunjin's attributes are exactly like Seojun!!! Cha eun woo would play a great role for Suho! Bhettt!

  • All I ever wanted was for eun woo to get that role instead of Jin from BTS (no offense Jin but Eun Woo is literally Suho in real life but less depressed) and now I’m happy… BUT THE THING I WANTED EVEN MORE IS OUR JISOO WHO IS MISERABLE BECAUSE OF YG (AND THE REST OF BLACKPINK) TO DO THE ROLE OF JUGYEONG.

  • For the people who wants jisoo to act as jugyeong, unfortunately YG ent. removed her acting profile, so it means she cant act anymore.
    I hope YG does not need to remove her acting profile cuz she really fit so perfect as jugyeong here.

  • Sorry but in my opinion the female lead should be the one who was the creator of true beauty because she looks exactly like the girl in true beauty👀

  • My opinion:

    Jisoo as Jugyeong she totally fits the role especially she's really pretty who agrees with me?

  • Idols/Actresses that can be Jugyeong
    1. Kim Ji Soo (BLACKPINK)
    – Jisoo looks like Jugyeong and her quirky personality fits Jugyeong
    2. Elkie Chong (CLC)
    – Elkie looks like Jugyeong in some angles and Elkie was already an actress before her debut in CLC, Elkie also had a role in a Korean Drama and Elkie is pretty quirky too.
    3. Kim Seol Hyun (AOA)
    – Seolhyun can easily be Jugyeong or Sujin. Both of them are foodies and Seolhyun is already an established actress so it should be easy for her.
    4. Kim So Jung (GFriend)
    – As a buddy I do think that Sowon can be Jugyeong since she looks like Jugyeong in some angles and she really looks like "Meme Face Jugyeong" when Sowon makes a funny face. I don't know if Sowon and Eunwoo together would work and I feel like Sowon is very tall and Jugyeong is pretty short.

  • I thought Twice jeongyeon is going to be jugyeong
    That's why I want to look this drama so I support Twice jeongyeon

  • Suho: for me(eunwoo)
    Jugyeong: for me(jisoo)
    Seojun: for me(hyunjin)

    They are perfect for the role i hope they get picked

  • Hyunjin should play the role for seojun! His facial features are on point and his acting skills are amazinggggg

  • tbh I don't want Jisoo to play as Jugyeong…Jisoo being an idol and all doesn't suit Jugyeong's personality…I think they should choose someone who isn't an idol..(not really sure who but someone not quite recognized should play the role in my opinion)..CHA EUNWOO ON THE OTHER HAND SHOULD DEFINITELY TAKE THE ROLE. And Hyunjin can be Seojun..

  • AAHHHHH YESSSSS….I legit burst into tears when I found out about the drama adaptation especially since Cha EunWoo was asked to play as Suho…Ever since I saw Eunwoo, I couldn't help but want him to be Suho if True beauty became a drama (especially because of his leading role in My Id is Gangnam beauty being so similar) and now I can't wait to see how the drama turns out!!!TEHEHHEHE I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!<3<3

  • The goofy scenes alone in my opinion, Dahyun of twice can act it accurately. Their chemistry is proven already in their mini series together that hit 14m already as of today

  • If it ain't Jisoo, Imma cry

    But I'm still gonna watch it though coz I love the webtoon.


  • Why Jisoo is the most fitted for the role of Jugyeong? (Opinionated)
    Jisoo was trained to act.
    She was often in music videos of YG artists (Ikon, akmu, epik high, etc,). She also had a really short appearance on the producers 101 with Sandara and Seungyoon. She was in a commercial with Lee Minho. ALL THIS HAPPENED BEFORE HER DEBUT. She was even once part of the YG line of actors together with Lee Sungkyu, Nam Joohyuk, Kim Saeron, Yoo In Na, and other known actors.
    ☑️ Visual
    Jisoo looks exactly like Jugyeong.
    Other than yaongyi the author itself of the webtoon ofcourse, I think the person really similarly close to Jugyeong's looks is Jisoo. You can even picture Jisoo already on Jugyeong. The only problem is when Jugyeong doesn't wear make up which I think is just a really small issue that I believe the crew can handle. There are so many pictures of Jisoo as Jugyeong and majority of the fans has positive feedbacks.
    Although this doesn't really matter because it really just depends on how an actor delivers another character, I do think this adds an icing to a cupcake. Jisoo is already known to be quirky and funny meanwhile Jugyeong is seen by readers as relatable and funny as hell. The similarity between them is just too much and I can't bear to think another person to portrayJugyeong.
    Jisoo's chemistry with Eunwoo (the actor positively considering the role of Suho) is still left unknown. Its is unknown yet powerful. The thought itself of a real life Jugyeong and Suho together makes my heart flutter. They haven't even interacted but I get excited thinking about it. VisualXVisual, TalentXTalent
    ☑️Yaongyi approves
    It has been said a long time ago that together with Eunwoo as Suho, Yaongyi stated that she likes the idea of Jisoo being Jugyeong. Also there has been unconfirmed rumors that Yaongyi contacted Fantagio (Eunwoo's company) and YG at the same time.

    Edit :
    ☑️Blink's thirst
    We need more JISOO. Imao this is a joke but not really. 😂

    I mean we all know Jisoo is fitted for the role but we also all goddamn know unfortunately that YG is a freaking trash and he'd reject every most precious opportunity their idols can get. 🤡

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