June 19, 2021

TODAY Visits ‘Blue Zone’ Of Costa Rica Where People Live To 100 | TODAY

Continuing “Eating to 100 TODAY,” a series about the secrets of a long and healthy life, NBC News special anchor Maria Shriver visits a corner of Costa Rica that is one of the five “blue zones” on Earth with the highest percentage of people living healthy lives to age 100. There she meets a colorful 100-year-old cowboy who starts each day with rice, beans and tortillas.
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TODAY Visits ‘Blue Zone’ Of Costa Rica Where People Live To 100 | TODAY

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  • Crazy how out of place KFC looked there…honestly all those fast food restaurants look like an eye sore to a beautiful country..

  • In india this was our tradicional food habit.
    But the copy cat culture make us unhealthy .
    But going back again .

  • I eat a lot of plant based with beans. Sounds like im on the right track. And im in my 20s. Rice and beans is literally the cheapest food.

  • Its not about food, they have good genetics, we eat the same in UK but dont live as long. Eat marmite, loaded with b vitamins.

  • Beans rice .. Where are all the keto people n Chiropractors telling people to avoid carbs n eat meat n eggs. Jerkoffs

  • If you look closely you can see two other foods on that breakfast table, maybe scrambled eggs and some white looking thing ? I don’t know just something I noticed

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  • Alo ricky shone es my complemento music. Navidad lo. Cas. Co. Fan. A fan. Se pone en marcha. Se. Baila así. Estan uy. Que. Líos. Me. Trae esto ala. Estell. Bailando. Mundo got. Talen. Ya. Te. Dire. Ok. Ves esto.

  • The US has been exporting obesity and death around the world, in the way of fast food, junk food and fizzy drinks…while Coca Cola, Yum Brands (owners of KFC and others) and other large US corporations get richer, the world gets sicker and fatter. 😒 We are doing this throughout Latin America and disrupting centuries and in some cases thousands of years of food culture and history. Why are we so good at destruction?! I hope other countries realize this is poison for their people and educate and limit consumption in some way. Mexico has gone as far as passing an 8% “soda tax” on all junk food containing more than 275 calories per 100 gms (yes, very specific!) and a 10% tax on all sugar-sweetened drinks! ✊🏼👏🏼👏🏼🇲🇽

  • even if the American population is living longer statistically, it doesn't mean people are living to their fullness, why, because they are surviving on medication to keep them breathing. and that is no way to live

  • the evidence is cleared including videos and scientific studies but the mighty powerful food industry of America and government blanketed the public with lies in the advertisement and false guild line

  • The Blue zones will be gone because of Corporate America's fast-food giants popping up everywhere with their poisoned foods shortening everyone's lives all for the sake of money and getting rich.

  • I KEEP MY MOM RECIPIES HERE IN kansas City.I still cook whit wood…cook beans and make tortillas by hand…
    I AM FROM Nicoya.
    A very nice report.lovely…

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