May 30, 2020

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time | The Completionist | New Game Plus

How can you improve on what is considered to be a perfect game? In this episode of New Game Plus I re-complete The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A game I played so much even before I was officially a Completionist, the launch of the 3DS version brought some magic back to me for this game. The visual upgrades made me more invested in the characters and this world all over again, and it has some new features added to fulfill my Completionist duty. Let’s take a look at this classic Zelda game!

Let me know what you thought about my Zelda Ocarina of Time review! Also let me know what other games I should re-complete for New Game Plus!

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Curious about New Game Plus and the removal of previous Completionist episodes? The answers are in my update video:

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Watch more game reviews and episodes of New Game Plus like my The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time review on my channel below! | The Completionist

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  • Major disagree about the heart pieces: they're one of my favourite collectables in gaming. Personally, I never bother collecting all of the Skulltulas (the reward past 50 is not worth it), and I don't even consider catching the Hylian loach part of completing Ocarina of Time. Fishing is over for me after I get the heart piece and Golden Scale.

  • This game is one reason why I like Zelda more than Mario, I always liked to explore the world and run around collecting stuff in these games for 100% how they were set up.

  • They need to remake the legend of zelda ocarina of time for the switch but they need to add in the sky temple the wind temple and the ice temple or just port the beta version of the legend of Zelda ocarina of time which was known as zelda 64

  • I have come to a sad conclusion about ocarina of time. This game is excellent and is the status quo for Nintendo's best. But let me ask you a question. If there wasn't ocarina, would it still be a masterpiece? Characters needed some attention that didn't get any (Impa) and there were side touches that were amazing then but now it is expected. But since Ocarina, it has been outdone. Even by it's direct sequel! It deserved to be status quo, but now that nintendo works day and night to make the newer games better than it…they've succeeded fulfilling it's job. We never need Navi again, a personality-less character insulting your intelligence as you go do things the game already explained. At least Fi and Tatl learned some emotions and gave snark along the way to make it more bearable. Who else still feels insulted by Navi and Gaebora? I distinctly remember the water temple sucking because I did it before the fire temple. Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword are the games that should be the new status quo. The gameplay and exploration beauty of breath of the wild and the stellar story of skyward sword…kinda outplays anything that this game has to offer. Will it stand as a world breaking game that is respected by all?…yes. But it shouldn't be the poster child of the series at this point in time. I'll enjoy every playthrough, but I know deep down that Nintendo has truly outdone itself since. Maybe more people should look at the game critically without nostalgia blinders. That's how I found myself in love with Skyward Sword.

  • I still prefer the vibe of the N64 version, something doesn't feel right about some of the characters, lighting, and mood of certain areas. That being said, I think from an objective point of view the 3DS one is the better one to play, and what I'd recommend for anyone interested in playing the game for the first time. I feel like you HAVE to have already loved every inch of the N64 original for these minor aesthetic mishaps to weigh more heavily on your enjoyment of the game than really important QoL features, like how you switch boots in the water temple.

    this is NOT the case with the majora's mask remake. Given the option, play the N64 version.


  • Ocarina of Time is an amazing game and I love it too death but it is a tad bit overrated, side quests can be boring, the whole skulltchula thing is kind of annoying, And even dungeons and boss fights can be lacking. I would honestly rather pick up botw or even tp. It is not one of the perfect games of all time, it’s very flawed. But I still think it’s a great game it just doesn’t deserve the title “Greatest game ever made” the only reason why people say that is because it is purely biased because they grew up with the game thus making it the greatest game of all time. It’s a solid game and it’s awesome but not the greatest of all time.

  • I was always a game since a young age but at 11 years old I played this game and solidified my hobby for life. Thank you

  • The bad graphics kind of turned me away from the original. Now, with all the updated textures, I can enjoy the game so much more. Same with MARIO 64 DS. Some of the only times I would rather play the remakes then the originals.

  • Ocarina of Time 3D was actually my first Zelda game. My brother let me borrow it and I loved it sooooo much! I finished it a few days ago and now I'm kinda hooked on this franchise lol

  • I just finished this game today (as in the regular quest) and I can see how bad I am at games afterwards. My death count was way over 50. This though does not change the fun, thanks for the recommendation to finish it

  • I think this game, having come around when the 3DS was new, has some of the most beautiful 3D on the console.

  • "In fact, I'm hard pressed to find a game with a fishing mini-game that I actually find fun."

    You didn't enjoy FFXV's fishing game? I felt it was good for how small a part it was in the game.

  • Yeah, I definitely liked the new Adult Zelda model more, where she didn't have that freakishly large, pointed nose (if I'm remembering it correctly) and her blocky, are-those-supposed-to-be-F-cup-boobs torso.

  • how does this get a finish it while twilight princess hd gets a complete it. the poes had the same reward and you could not change the day and night system glitches aside. the only issue with the spider hunting is that there is no marker for young link and OoT does have issues with its time travel system.

  • Believe it or not Ocarina of Time is rented at the number 1 best video game ever made, not even joking

  • Who else knew about the deku stick causing more damage than the kokiri sword? If you didn't shame on you for not playing enough.

  • Ocarina of time in my opinion is still the most overrated game of all time, there are tons of other games that have unique gameplay, story, and are even better but journalists and reviewers always chose this all the time that it’s annoying.

  • Is it bad that I get more use out of my 2DS XL than my Switch? I mean the 3DS games library was just phenomenal compared to the Switch library, imo. Still have to play A Link Between Worlds before I even get to Ocarina and MM and Samus Returns and DKC and Dragon Quest, and all these other amazing games….

  • Oot is my favorite game of all time.. I’ve completed it on n64 and 3ds.. I absolutely love the remake on the 3ds and it is superior to the original but If I’m introducing someone to it for the first time I’m going to tell them to play the n64 version.. nothing beats nostalgia

  • I did literally everything in OoT except catch that damn loach. Not a single rock unbroken nor a single chest unopened, but my patience is too low to catch that fish. Now I am inspired to finally get that true completion.

  • As someone who doesn’t have time to game like I used to, I love living vicariously through you and your adventures! Keep up the great work Jirard!

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