June 16, 2021

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 100% Walkthrough (Full Game)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from the begin until the end 100% complete with all Heart Pieces, all Skulltulas and every item.

Timestamps for all the Temples and other dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Young Link
00:10:32 – Inside the Deku Tree
02:04:21 – Dodongo’s Cavern
03:19:20 – Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Adult Link
04:41:53 – Forest Temple
05:29:21 – Fire Temple
06:28:06 – Ice Cavern
06:45:20 – Water Temple

Young Link
07:50:07 – Bottom of the Well

Adult Link
08:10:44 – Shadow Temple

Young Link
09:24:26 – Spirit Temple

Adult Link
09:44:36 – Spirit Temple
10:53:52 – Gerudo Training Ground
11:14:29 – Ganon’s Castle

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Do you want to see The Legend of Zelda: Master Quest? Check this video:

Played by Maurits.

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  • I have been thoroughly familiar with this game for a long time, but this was the first time I actually experienced it from start to finish. As someone who only recently got into the Zelda franchise (and thus have no childhood memories or nostalgia of it), I can safely say that this game deserves to be considered the greatest ever. Everything about it is just… right. From the magical feeling of getting to know the world in the beginning, to the action-packed finale.

  • First of all, thanks for uploading this, it was beautiful to watch you play it and following in your steps: well, mostly… I forgot a skultulla somehow, couldn't get the heart from digging in the graveyard and I got bored hunting the poes. I've never even held a N64 control before or played any of its games until last year. I got a recalbox with every oldies game, from prince of Persia to Crash team racing. I always love the NES console and of course fell in love with SMB3. Unfortunately, I went from there to the sega console, a brush with gameboy (just pokemon) and then straight to ps1, which blew my mind with crash, spyro, ape escape, medievil and many others…
    The minute I got this recalbox I played super mario 64 and Ioved it! But then I got into Ocarina and I had no words: the music, the movements, the inventory, the secrets, the story and the awesome characters, with Sheik being my absolute favorite, maybe because of the (after Snape's, clearly) best plot twist ever: oh my f'ing god!!!!

    I enjoyed so much fighting ganondorf, volvaglia, bongo bongo and the witch sisters, including all the minor bosses. I hated soooo much the shooting range in Gerudo, but that was the best "world" alongside Death mountain. Sorry it took me so long to write this, but I just wanna thank you again for helping me love and beat this beautiful +20 y.o. gem of a game, definitely the best everrrr. 

    If you happen to see and like this, could you give me an advice: which zelda game should I play now? Link's awakening, a link to the past or majora's mask?

    Cheers from Argentina!!!

  • Watching you in the graveyard was painful I was playing and got it 1st try and I was like cool! Then I see this and I can't imagine how many tries you had to go… Love you man great video

  • How come when this fool puts down a warp point he spawns were he left it and when I do it it takes me way back I’m speaking about the Forest Temple I’m playing on the GameCube is there a difference on PC cause if there is this guide is flawed in that aspect

  • Forgive me Father for I have sinned:

    I started OoT like 5 times and never finished it. Same with Majora's mask. I beat Botw once, Minish cap and WindWaker about 10 times each, Links awakening once, Twilight Princess once, Phantom Hourglass a few times, but never the OG OoT

  • I love how cute Navi sounds when she speaks to Link lol. This video brought so many good memories from my childhood, this is so nostalgic for me. Thank you for uploading this video and for not talking during it.

  • You dont know how to get the gorgon heart container its pretty easy but sneak I could tell yall how to get it

  • I would sit on the couch and my dad would play this until I fell asleep. It helped me through my early childhood a lot.

  • I now finished this game and I thought that you can still continue but sadly not. This also the first legend of zelda game I finished but not my first.

  • I love how this is less a walkthrough, more a showcasing of the game. The little things, like saying 'no' when you really can't, just to show how the other character reacts to that…

  • I just wanna say, this gameplay is amazing. You are so good! You don’t waste time with enemies that you don’t have to kill, you get all the extras and make it look so easy and you are fun to watch and good at this game. Thanks for uploading this. It’s a nice distraction during this pandemic. Hope you and your family are doing well 💕

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