April 16, 2021

The Best Lexus Ever Made. 2004 LS 430 Review Horsepower MPG Specs Flow Lexus of Greensboro

You will soon know my FAVORITE Lexus sedan. I started with Lexus in April of 2004 and this was the LS 430 generation that I sold as a new vehicle so this was my introduction to luxury vehicles. I was totally amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of the LS 430 and I still stand in awe of just what this vehicle is all these years later.
I think this could be the best Lexus sedan ever made.
I would LOVE to hear what you think about the LS 430 and about any experiences that you have had with the amazing flagship of the world’s greatest car brand. Thank you so much for watching and for contributing to the conversation!!!
Have a great day!

It is my goal that you would understand your vehicle after watching my videos!

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  • I’ve seen this before about the 2004 LS 430.
    I don’t get why that year in particular is better than the 2005 or 2006?

  • After saw some reviews of LS 430 I ran to Lexus dealer in Westminster, CA and bought a 06 LS 430, it’s an one owner car with 56.427k miles on it. The car in mint condition in&out.Hope it’s a most reliable car .

  • Lol buddy now i’m the new owner for the same car it’s so clean and beautiful yeaaaha it’s lexus baby

  • It’s amazing to see that this LS had so many advanced luxury features in 2004 that are still missing from modern cars today

  • My dad had a 2000 LS400 and it was so quiet and you could feel your neck snap after pushing down on the accelerator. Drone like it was riding on air!

  • Except for 3UZ-FE 4.3L Engine Timing Belt Replacement every 60K Miles. That's 2 grand at the dealer at least. I love me a Toyota Engine and I have the 2006 Camry 2.4 no timing belt engine with 270,000 miles on it. It is my daily driver for work to this day. I do like me a Lexus, but the ones today have that horrendous front grille……..it completely sucks

  • When I was a little wealthy back in 1998 I bought a 1991 LS400 with 37000miles genuine. Used to do 120 miles a day. The salesman said the type of journey I was doing the car would return 30mpg UK and it did just that. The car came with Dunlop D8 tyres. After a few years of body roll I was advised to change to Michlin premicy tyres what a fantastic improvement. Bought for 17500uk 1998 sold for 2500uk 2005 what a great car never forget the experience .

  • Gr8 video I live in Dubai U.A.E. and this car is one of the surviving older sedans in the country but what makes the 04 better than the later same batch models (05 & 06)?

  • I like your videos, FYI, Google shows the LS430 as 3995 lbs for a 2001, 3990 lbs for a 2004. I thought they were much heavier than my sister's Camry, and was trying to explain that to her, but they are about 800lbs heavier only.

  • Actually the 2006, the last of this generation, was the best. I had mine for 10 yrs. It was a forever car, none better.

  • I would put it to you that the best Lexus ever made, was the 2010 Lexus LS600hL but this is a fantastic looking car that's hard to believe isn't new. Modern touches that I would find it hard to do without though are an audio visual system and screen for video and sat nav and keyless entry and start etc. Apart from those minor wishes though, this car is just perfect.

  • Had a 2006 IS220D sport, the diesel engine wasn't the best unit and mine suffered from the usual problems so I bought a Jag XF 3.0 petrol. What I immediately noticed was the difference in overall build quality, the Jag is a lovely car and it's reliable (up to now) but it's little build quality issues that you just didn't have with the Lexus. So I'm saving up for a 2013 LS460 F sport all wheel drive cream leather interior with the Mark Levinson 13 speaker stereo. Best car ever made.

  • I personally like the GS 430 or gs400 but this one is better over all. The fact that the GS is a Toyota altezza is the reason I like the GS more.

  • I've always wanted one. I currently have a 2002 es330 with 230k miles. Rides and drives like a new car but burns a little oil at highway speeds. I'm looking at an 04 ls430 in my city with 181k miles that they're asking 5000 or best offer. It looks like a nice car. I live ij Iowa though and the rear wheel drive probably wouldn't be good in Iowa winter's. However, I'm flexible enough that I don't have to drive in snowy conditions. But damn, these cars drive great. What should I do? Offer the guy 4500 and have a car that'll last 10 more years at least?

  • I am about to trade one of my trucks for one. That dude wants my truck so badly he wants to trade it for this car.

    I was skeptical, but seems to be I am getting a good car back for my gmc 1980 c15 step side .

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