October 22, 2020

Is the CBR300R Big Enough For a MAN – Highway Run

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  • Had fazer 8, FZ 07, now biking cbr300r, mostly in the secondary roads or in town, quite enough tho, honestly dont need more than this

  • I'm a fairly new rider. I've been riding a Suzuki tu250x for the past year. It's great for what it is, but I'm looking for just a bit more power in 1st and 2nd gear. Would the extra 50 cc's on the Honda cb300 series making any difference at all? I've been looking at the 500s and 650s, but if the 300 would give me just a little more umph, then I could save a little money. Fill me in.

  • I've owned 20 different bikes. Would never take anything under an 800 on the freeway for extended rides, not even sport bikes…

  • After trying out my uncle's CB500X for the first time riding a proper motorcycle. I must say that my skill level will definitely require something smaller than that. I need serious practice with slow speed anything. Learning how to feather a throttle enough to get it moving at a reasonable pace if i was on a main road. Learning how much to let the clutch lever come back after making the upshift, so that the bike doesn't lurch, all that. I was stupid to even inquire about some guy's SFV650. I'll get myself killed on that. A 300cc bike is probably where its at.

  • I learned how to ride on this bike.

    I also hit the back of a civic at 90mph. He zigged when he should have zagged. Whoops..

  • In my country Honda Cb300r cost to much, just because is Honda, then you have a chines motorbike in 500cc and the Honda cost to much. This moto is just for city.

  • I'm about 150 to 160 pounds looking for a bike for work commute and weekend fun. I'm thinking this would be an ideal bike for that.

  • My son ordered one today. He is a beginner and I ride a Goldwing and we want to take some trips together. Thanks for the info.

  • I don't even go into the highway with my speed 3. I don't trust anyone, people drive like morons lol. Think I'm fine buying a 300 I'm not a speed demon. Maybe if I get to like bikes alot I'd trade up but for my first bike seems general consensus on this bike is all around good

  • My 300 keeps me happy, anyone can make fun of me so what! I love riding, 2 wheels and a running motor is good! If your friends laugh because you don't have a 600 they are not your friends.
    Ride safe, we are all brothers no matter what we ride!

  • Highly recommend spending a couple more grand on a 500r. Definitely made for long highway rides and extremely fuel efficient, and slightly larger for men.

  • go get a real motorcycle and test ride some speed don't bring out this wheel barrel really get a life no one wants to ride that piece of junk

  • stop talking and hold the camera steady we are getting dizzy trying to see where you are going, left right left right and umm ummm ummm learn to talk

  • I am 230-235 lbs and am seriously thinking about this bike anybody my size here who drives the CB300R and can give me their impressions on it

  • The 250 version is better and so is the hyosung GD250R easily capable of doing 95-100 and on a good day 110

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