September 25, 2020

Is Octopath Traveler The BEST Nintendo Switch Game?

Octopath Traveler on Nintendo Switch might be the BEST Switch Game! – PRODUCT PROVIDED BY NINTENDO! – Honestly, Is Octopath Worth Buying On Nintendo Switch? WIN OCTOPATH TRAVELER – – Subscribe
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  • Is Octopath YOUR favorite Switch Game? Let me know!
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  • This game proves that you don't need good graphics to be a great game. Hope square-enix realize it. That players loves Final Fantasy not because of those good graphics but a good gameplay and storyline not like what happening to Final Fantasy right now…

  • Playing this, and enjoying it. My only complaint is how the scale of the characters and text is meant for Switch console/TV. Playing it on the Lite does not translate well (my personal opinion). Characters are too small, text is a little lost, etc. I’m still playing this through since it’s got me hooked. I started with huntress Haanit (forgive my spelling). I just wish there was a way to zoom in on the subjects.

  • Know this is a little late, but I just got this game and I literally cannot put it down! Like it makes doing homework impossible. (So far)10/10

  • Im a salesman in a gaming shop, i used to make faces when people pick out these kind of games like are you serious even tho i have switch, then i got interested into your review and now i realize that i was a dumbass. Looks freaking awesome and the story and characters are unique plus the combat, the way u presented it, i like it. Tho i have way too many games sitting on my desk some of them arent even opened yet, im deff getting this one for my collection.

  • Loved it for the first 30 hours or so, hated after the epic grind I had to go through to get to part 3 for some characters and then put it down just before getting to part 4

  • How do you care for you hair? I have the same length, that’s why I’m asking. Do you put product in it?

  • Ive been waiting for a good time to dive into this game. During COVID-19 I have put in over 100hrs in only a week XD this has easily become my favourite Switch game!!!

  • This video made me subscribe to you.
    Thank you so much for your passion, high energy and great videos. It's been a great couple years.

  • I love this game, it is surely amazing, but man, those cutscenes are waaaaay too long and boring. And I'm not saying the stories are boring, they are indeed interesting, but I feel they didn't manage to make the cutscenes engaging. At the beginning i was watching them, but it was unbearable. By my 4th character recruit i just started skipping everything.

  • Year later… do you still think it's the best switch game? … serious question. On sale right now, generally not a huge jrpg-esqe fan, more or a Zelda kid, but respect your opinion. Should I? Please lmk.

  • Playing the demo right now.. after watching this I will definitely buy it! It’s on 50% off on eshop now til april 2

  • After watching this I saw that it was on sale on the eshop for 50% off! I immediately bought it lol

  • I enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 more then Octopath Traveller. Although was refreshing change of pace for modern rpg's.

  • Is it worth beating the game 8 times since you can get the characters to join you on one playthrough?

  • I can't for sure they invented it but they sure perfected a concept of "sandbox rpg"- in terms of game mechanics, not world progression.

    You mix up classes as you want, you don't need to grind each one individually, just stack JP and spend them on your faved combo, equipment is free of level and class restriction so your craziest job pairings can have the gear make it up for it.

    I'll try Warrior Primrose with high emphasis on Evasion to test if it can become a trolling 'tank'. Taunt>miss the shot>gets a revenge attack with the dancer perk

  • Hey, man. I'd seen lots of reviews, but it was yours that finally made me decide I had to play this game. Cheers!

  • Subscribed! 😀 Youre enthusiasm totally won me over! Too many people have been complaining about the story so I'm glad to see someone agrees that its fantastically enjoyable

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