September 26, 2020

Contact Tracing Worked In Singapore & Taiwan — Why Is The US So Behind?

Test, trace, and treat have become three major words when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, but when it comes to stopping a second wave of COVID-19 cases, tracing might be the key. But while other countries have aggressively traced new cases, the United States is still behind, even though companies have access to location data that could help.


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How Your Location Data Can Help Track And Stop The Spread Of COVID-19


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  • What if you don’t want to be tracked by the government? Maybe this is natures way of thinning out the overpopulation.

  • Once this go live in the United states, some people going to get called 20 times a day because people cant stay at home.. let's not go into when telemarketing gets in on this action.

  • dont make rash decisions and give up your privacy now. people did that after 9/11 and we still regret that to today. dont listen to any that tells you its ok, to give up your privacy. give centimeter, they take a kilometer

  • just on time now say our phones are not good enough so we need chips in us good job tech insider you nwo shill

  • Because it's against our rights. This Chin-ese virus is over hyped. No measures will work to keep you safe.

  • Never trust a code written by a person that have no state license or security clearance like Doctors, Nurses, PE's. It will end up putting people under corporate based governance. We already have enough of that.

  • Because these countries aren't lead by money. USA coronavirus response has been about profits from the start. trump holding back as if the virus didn't exist was about ramping up the demands of hard to get medical supplies. I'm an American, but our draws have been fully exposed and trumps zombies still think trump gives them control. I am an American and this is my opinion….

  • Because we lost track of our infections long before the outbreak in Wuhan.

  • The virus survives longer in cooler weather. Singapore’s climate is another reason the disease wasn’t as deadly.

  • The whole event is created to try to push chipping, total vaccination, and total information control.

    How do you know, it is suggested that in America they haven't tested for the virus itself that the RNA material could also be the result of the person's own rna cellular wastes.

  • To all the people saying they would rather die of Covid-19 then give up their privacy… all they want to know is if you went to walmart last week…. I mean… yea… I did… and well… I might have just saved someone's life

  • "The US is MUCH larger than tiny Singapore and Taiwan"
    While this is very much true, I don't think this what the video wants you to see. What should be taken away from this video is that while other countries are persuing this PROVEN way to slow the spread of the virus, the US has done almost nothing. As clearly seen by the number of disease detectives in NYC compared to the larger city of Wuhan. and other countries. To summarise, other countries try to prevent the spread, the U.S. calls it impossible without even trying.

  • this is the exact model my country is following… for now only 313 infected , 3 deaths … and last couple of days there were less than 5 i think new cases

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