May 30, 2020

Connecting your Wacom Intuos tablet via Bluetooth for Windows

– There is no sound in the video –

Need help getting starting with your new Intuos or are you just researching drawing tablet options? It is easy to start creating with your new Wacom Intuos pen tablet.

Step 1
Unplug your tablet.

Step 2
Open the Devices settings in the Windows settings on your computer and select Bluetooth.

Step 3
Press and hold the power (middle) button of your Intuos for 2 seconds and the LED will start blinking blue.

Step 4
On your computer, you will now see that the ‘Wacom Intuos’ is ‘Ready to pair’ so now go ahead and click on ‘Pair’.

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  • In my computer it says that it's connected but when I try to use my pen it doesn't work unless is plugged with the USB ( Help)

  • Can you still use the usb connection on this model? Or are you limited to only bluetooth for connection and usb for charging?

  • Hiw do I connect my wacom intuos tablet to my galaxy S2 android tablet? I have the OTG cable connector and it does recognize it but nothing seems to happen… ? Please help

  • I’m thinking of switching from the wired version of intuos to the Bluetooth version but can I still connect the Bluetooth one by USB like the wired one can? Just in case my computer can’t do Bluetooth

  • In Windows 10, after clicking "Connect" to pair the device it works. However, when returning to use it later, resuming a hibernating Windows, the tablet will connect (flashing blue light turns solid blue), but all input is ignored — until I disconnect Bluetooth device, and re-add. This is pretty annoying since I paid extra money for the wireless version for the explicit reason that it would be easier to use.

  • "Pair" does not exist in Windows 10. It just says "Connect". All of your online documentation should be updated.

  • cannot connect to my ctl 6100wl through bluetooth its asking me for a pin and i tried 0000 and 1111 they both didnt work its only working with usb

  • I've tried connecting it, but I cant even get my computer to recognize it via Bluetooth. Will only work if its plugged in with the USB_please help me

  • Hi, I’ve see the Wacom Intuos connect time android phones but I haven’t seen the. Connect to iPhones, would I have to do the same thing for android phones as I do on Apple or does it not work on Apple at all?

  • When you press the power button, wait for it to blink slowly. Then go to "add devices" and click on the first option. Then connect it, wait a bit, and done! Sorry if this didn't work for you

  • My tablet keeps freezing when I'm drawing with clip studio, ive reinstalled drivers, tried to troubleshoot and remove the device. I've also powered my computer on and off to refresh. But my tablet only seems to work with the usb and not the Bluetooth anymore.

  • I can't connect my intuos pro M pth 660. Windows requiers pin. 0000, 1111, 1234 etc didn't work. I tried to connect via Personal Area Network and it gets connected to pc but it doesn't work (and Wacom Desktop Center doesn't recognize the tablet) and gets lost after i restart windows. All drivers (bluetooth, tablet) are up to date and i have the last version of windows 10. I also tried to connect it with other PC with the same dongle (didn't work, same issue) and with a laptop with inner bluetooth (worked perfectly, didn't ask for any pin). By the way, my bluetooth dongle supports only 2.0. Any suggestions how to make it work?

  • I can't connect to the tablet, it requires a PIN code, I can't find the PIN in the Manual or Anywhere
    I tried everything, I tried the Device Pairing Wizard and the Normal Windows 10 settings, I do everything exactly how is shown on the video with no luck.

  • For Christmas I purchased the a medium size Wacom BT Creative Pen tablet for my Windows 10 Pro system.

    I have done the following
    1. Connected the tablet to the computer and tablet via the USB connection.

    2. Logged on to

    3. Downloaded and installing the driver.

    4. Removed the USB cable from the computer and graphics tablet.

    4. Restarted the computer.

    When I manage and search for a Bluetooth device from Windows Settings, I press the centre button on the Wacom tablet which flashes on and off and under Devices I click 'Add a device, but the tablet is not found 🙁

    Please assist.

    Thank you.

    Paul from 'Down Under'

  • I didn't get a pairing code yet it want's one when i try to connect via bluetooth (or i'm blind and can see). pls help

  • Tengo windows 10 y no es tan secillo como ir a bluetooth y ya, lo intente conectar pero no aparece, ayuda :c

  • Hello I have try to connects via usb and all shows a message asking for the pairing pin, wacom intuos BT M

  • I was able to pair this to my 2014 Macbook Pro instantly. It will not pair to my work desktop, running Windows 10 (even with updated drivers/software), and does not even come up as a recognizable device.

  • Hey, so I've used my tablet for a while now but recently I lost my pen. Just found it though so I'm trying to re-connect it with the drivers and whatnot, it still won't work!
    it does connect to my computer, but the pen won't connect.
    I'm on a mac book air
    and my tablet is the same one in the video with the power on and off button in the middle of the four other buttons.
    Please help!

  • Hi. I have a problem with my tablet. I can use the tablet with usb cable just fine but can't connect to my computer via bluetooth. My tablet can be seen in the devices but it's faded and when i have bluetooth on and press the power button the blue light appears. but it disappears without connecting to my computer. I reinstalled the driver but it didn't help at all. I'm using windows 7 and my tablet model is CTL-4100WL. Please help me.

  • can somebody tell me how can I turn on my Wacom Intuos without the power button without unplugging and plugging?

  • I got no bluetooth model and it turns off every minute how to fix it? Dont say there is an option in the software cause it's not.

  • hi i connected on windows 10 but the tablet is not responding to the pen only when i connect by usb i can

  • i managed to pair it with my laptop and its connected but i cant work it like that without connection with usb

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