September 22, 2020

BMW R nine T Pure review | by Knox

This is the full review of the BMW R nine T pure by Knox in the Lake District – England.
Everyone at Knox loves the RnineT and its not hard to see why, great looks, great engine, nice handling, fantastic brakes, it’s a truly great all-around motorcycle package and still up there with the best heritage style bikes available in Europe in 2019 in our opinion.
The BMW rnineT pure that we had on loan from BMW Motorrad UK was the RnineT pure sport edition and comes with a few extra bells and whistles which are really nice including heated grips (fantastic), spoked wheels and LED lights, plus it has another £2,000 of SPEZIAL parts fitted to it as per below:
OTR price for R nineT Pure Sport – £10,930
Price for your spec is – £13,225
Including – Spezial (BMW’s heritage parts range) cylinder covers, under seat frame, brake and clutch levers, rear-sets, rear pegs, alternator belt cover, master cylinder lids.
You can find more of the full specs and images available on the BMW website,
As you can tell from the review we are fans and no doubt it is a great bike!
In the video, Aaron was wearing the following:
Knox Urbane Pro Shirt

Knox Handroid MKIV gloves

Knox Dalton Jeans

Ford Leather Jacket

Also a quick recognition to friend and Stuntman Rick English, who rode the bikes in the recent commercials and as shown on this video.
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  • Too wide for the gate… You better be careful, Aaron. You're starting to sound like my ex-girlfriend…

  • What would be your bike of choice between this bike ( bmw rnineT) or a moto guzzi v7, or a royal enfield content gt 650?

  • Man I love those lines and look, but what are they thinking with those boxer engines? Those two cylinder heads sticking out like a pair of carbuncles looks awful

  • This bike looks outstanding, somehow I’ve passed by it till now, perfect retro look, simple, beautiful but muscular and strong stance at the same time ahh this is cool. Great review as well presented and information conveyed, plus quality of production and of course…..lakes….perfect. Cheers man, better start saving.

  • I never dreamed about a BMW until I found it on YouTube in a video called the 10 best retro bikes under $10K last October. I didn't believe it and went to the nearest BMW dealer to check it out. They had one with an orange/gold tank and wired wheels for $12,250. Of course the video had a click bait but I didn't expect a bike like that under $10K. What I really liked was one with black and white tank, white fender and black aluminum wheels! That's the perfect color for that bike! I am surprised that BMW even offers the grey color; to me that ruins that great motorcycle! Anything but grey, please. (No offense!)
    I searched the web for the black and white and found it only at one dealer in San Jose California, San Jose BMW, 375 miles from Los Angeles. I paid $475 to hold it and to install a Wunderlich windshield and flew up there a week later. Their price was $11,750! They picked me up at the airport and even switched the wheels for cast aluminum because what they had had wired spoke wheels but their website showed the cast wheels! I was told that it was to only bike with that color and wheels in the US at the time! The next day I was on the way home and after a stop half way overnight I got back home the following day.
    That was the ride of my life! I was surprised how comfortable the ride was on the smooth freeway 101. The windshield made a big difference. The only thing I added was a pair of saddlebags and replaced the plastic oil filler plug with aluminum.

    Everything you said is basically true; what I'd add is that BMW could've made the foot pegs a bit larger but for the price one cannot imagine a better roadster. I am a happy camper and this BMW makes a perfect addition to my 1999 Kawasaki Voyager XII and the 2016 Triumph America LT!

  • Hey what's the name of the piano music at the start , and…. Please do one on the Husqvarna 701 vitipilan
    Woooowww , just checked the vid out , the huskys LoooL greattttt

  • Really wanna buy this bike.but in my home country..the price is usd25K.. double from what you said here

  • Radial brakes ? Aren't they axial ? The caliper bolts are side-on to their lugs, at least on this version of the bike.

  • Solid review. Appreciate your candor. I feel the same way; I love the simplicity and beauty of this bike — so much that I I’m going to purchase one.

  • Very sexy bike no doubt
    I have just got Ducati scrambler 1100 sport 2018 brand new
    What do you think about it

  • NIce to know I'm not the only one that struggles finding Neutral. I would disagree with the comment it would be a good bike for shorter riders I'm 5' 11" and the reach for my arms to the controls is just a bit too far and if I was not as tall that reach would be very annoying.

  • I have a 2014 r 1200 r and that engine make it all. Well, it’s kinda a Gt Nine t if the bike were released later on. I love to have the traditional bmw buttons witch disapears in all other models of the same year. But you can’t go wrong with that engine. I have 81000km on the clock and will keep it

  • Absolutely beautiful bike with a great finish. However, in my opinion (after 3000 miles) the bike has 2 disadvantages, the r nine t is not suited for long distances + it’s not very pleasant to ride on the highway at speeds over 75 mph

  • I've had an R80GS and an R100GS great bikes. Things I love about them is the shaft drive, low/ mid range. The love to go hard all day or cruise. No chains to oil or adjust- just enjoy riding them.

  • Does it bring any problem to ride for very long distance. Straight 4-6 hours on controllable speed. Around 100-120kmj? Air cooled compare to liquid cool tho. Just curious.

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