October 19, 2020

BMW K1300S Acceleration with Engine- and GPS-Data Video Overlay

Testing my new Akrapovic slip on exhaust together with OBD-Link, VBOX-Sport and Race Chrono. Unfortunately I “messed up” the front video by not pressing the record button! Better try next time . . . All speed and acceleration data shown in the video is “real speed” as it is GPS based, maximum speed shown by speedometer was 285+ km/h.

To all other speed freaks out there: I know that there are other bikes beeing faster, but for me it was the whole package counting why I went for the K 1300 S: speed and comfort and all the goodies for older men such as shifting assistant, the integrated front/rear braking system combined with the ABS, traction control, adjustable suspension while driving and cardan drive as I do not like lubing the chain all the time . . .

This is also not ment to be an “Autobahnraser Video” as I do not want to kill myself or others using public streets for racing. So if you expect insane action on public streets, please do not watch this video, but watch other clips or – which is best to my mind – go for IOM viedo clips as I like to do . . .

For those who are interested in the equipment beeing used: I am using an ODB-Link II adapter and an adapter cable for the BMW connector to read the engine data, RaceChrono Pro app for collecting the data and the video overlay, a fast mobile phone to run the app and edit the video and VBOX-Sport for the measurement of acceleration and speed and you need some patience to put it all together : ).

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  • first – thank you for the 100-200. didn't know the time. second – it's a superb bike. I was super happy with mine. 260kmh seemed effortless . third – of course we all wished it went 320kmh :DD No point, but still… haha

  • Sehr schön.. hab auch ne K1300s , hab von der R das Hinterachs Getriebe drin aktuell 😁 zieht wie sau dann..

  • Gobsmacked😳that surprised me I didn’t think they were as quick as that acceleration wise. I own a full power ZZR 1100 D2 and it’s classed as a fast bike with bonkers acceleration but I can see by the acceleration figures counting in seconds this will destroy my bike however the top speed looks almost the same. You must be able to keep with a ZZR 1400 below 240 kph then the ZZR should pull away.

  • Hst du den Kardan der R dran?
    Die S müsste üblicherweise 300 schaffen, die R wie meine geht bei 285 in den Begrenzer.
    Oder sind das Geschwindigkeitsdaten direkt ausm GPS?
    Den Original Akra. kann ich dir übrigens nicht empfehlen der Erfahrung nach. Arrow klingt besser, hat besseren Durchsatz, ist leichter und du kannst u.U auf den Kat verzichten für ein paar PS.

  • Great video, thanks for sharing.  I love my K1300S! I have an unrelated question, what kind of tank cover/protector is that? I am looking for something similar for my bike and like the way it looks. Also it obviously stays on at speed 🙂 Thank you!

  • Hi and thanks for this video. Where did you produce it ? On a german Autobahn ?Hope, i'll see more of such videos by you on your K 1300 S, but with a front-camera. Wish you all the best

  • That adapter? https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-830741950-scanner-automotivo-bluetooth-obd2-obd-facile-v21-android-_JM?source=gps
    where do you connect on the bike?

  • I own a 2012 HP model with factory Akra. clear long Toll road run got me – eventually- 185mph / 297 km/h….. that last 5-10 mph creeps though, Must have hit the limiter… but was on the level and tucked in nicely….and then remembered my tail bag and backpack!!! hahaha luckily they stayed on!

  • Thanks for video. Bought this model bike couple months ago. Beast-like engine! Still afraid to go over 250 kph (while I did much more on my previous gixer). Do such speeds wear the shaft drive and reduction gear? Or does bike tolerate them well?

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