October 22, 2020

BMW F800GS / @MotoGeo Review

After riding the BMW F800GS in the Andalusia Adventure, @MotoGeo brings you the review of this long established middle weight adventure machine.

Moto + Adventure = @MotoGeo

Watch the Andalusia Adventure:

Bike: BMW F800GS

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Special thanks to:

Tour company and bike hire: Hispania Tours

Accommodation: La Perla Bianca:

Gear featured in this video:

► Jacket: Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Jacket

► Pants: Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Pants

► Boots: Alpinestars Twin Drystar Boots

► Gloves: Alpinestars SPX Air Carbon Gloves

► Thermal Gear Top: Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Top

► Thermal Gear Pants: Alpinestars Ride Tech Winter Pants

► Rain Jacket: Alpinestars RJ-5 Rain Jacket

► Helmet: Arai XD-4

► Communication: Cardo Packtalk

► Phone/Camera Mount: RAM Mount Tough Claw X-Grip

► Tires: Pirelli Scorpion Trail II Tires

► Hoodie: MotoGeo Hoodie

► Cap: MotoGeo Camping Cap

► T-shirt: MotoGeo Black Logo T-shirt

► Neck Tube: MotoGeo Neck Tube

► Stickers: MotoGeo Sticker Pack

► GoPro: Hero 4

Locations visited:

► El Torcal

► Rhonda Tourism

► El Caminato del Rey


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  • I like your videos here but the sound is really bad. Maybe you wanna do a voice over on the video done is a studio or room? It will make your video 5 star! Thanks!

  • "yeah the bike is not good off road"
    Also we had road tires and the trails were all mud and water.

    Yeah pretty sure you'd have a hard time on those conditions with any bike with roadtires on!

  • I really miss my F800GS (2013) but despite the comfort seat it was a bit cramped and weather protection not that good. I never felt a lack of torque or power.. Mine flew along, 2 up with full luggage and fuel.

  • Should have mentioned that the seat height makes this unsuitable for shorties. I'm 5'9" and found this a bit nerve-wracking on uneven roads. My very experienced 5'6" companion has plenty of strength but managed to drop it twice

  • you struggled to get off the bike because you were literally getting off of said bike wrong. if you stand up on the right peg and swing your left leg over to the right its much easier to get on and off. I'm 5"8 and would barely be able to get off the conventional way but getting off that way is stupid easy.

  • If you don't have the right tires by your own admission then you can't have an objective opinion on its off road capabilities.Tires are everything!Suppose you ran the local 5k fun run in army boots.That would not be the day to opine on your athletic prowess or lack there of.

  • Bought mine 5 years ago in Atlanta.Now live in TX and have 40k miles on it.Gotta be the best purchase of my life.You couldn't give me another house but a new GS I'd snatch up in a heartbeat.I could use more h.p than my 2014 model has.I could buy another but this thing out here isn't even close to death.It'll out live me.I could put it on any showroom floor right now.

  • Coincidentally, just four days after this video was published (on May 15th) I rode over Engineer pass starting in Silverton, CO on my F800GSA – muddy, icy, snowy and it handled perfectly, full tank, panniers and all. I definitely don't have your riding experience level but I've been riding this bike over all sorts of terrain and am constantly surprised how well it handles anything I'm brave enough to take on.

  • I made no mistake in buying it.Mine was a 2014.I'm at 35k miles now.It the best handling motorcycle I've ever had,and I've owned many of them.All of them had much more horses than mine.But they simply weren't as much fun.I go around off ramps in TX occasionally like nobody's business.I always enjoy reading the input from others aficionados.I haven't grown older and scared.If anything I'm more experienced and disciplined than ever-and better.But after 90 Some thing horsies I'll be glad to find the 1000,or 1100.

  • I thought it was a good honest review. A lot of good points raised and some good praise. Not sure why some people think this is a negative review?

  • I think if the rear shock is setup right that vagueness goes away. I would increase the preload in the back little by little. In stock form the bike is restricted by airflow. Add the aftermarket pipe and K&N air filter along with air fuel mixture adjuster and runs cooler and much more torque. I agree about the heavy clutch. I am considering upgrading to Magura hydraulic system but they are hard to find due to limited production. Also for anyone considering this bike it can vibe a bit until employing the smokeless 2 cycle oil added to each tank of gas. Add about an ounce and the injectors and top end quiet way down. These mods make the bike dream to ride.

  • Audio on this review lost it a star. Get a proper Mic.
    Improper tyre choice made the review basically Null and void. Another star.
    Good images, format and script / weighted opinion.
    So 3/5 is my review of your review.

  • Honestly, this review was a bit disappointing: this is a F800 GS ADVENTURE, not just a F800GS. Being a "GS adventure" model means it comes with some extra stuff: lower crash bars for example, but the most important is the bigger fuel tank (24liters vs the standard 16). It's a GREAT bike for offroad, and having the fuel tank in the rear improves both handling in tight turns AND motricity when off-road. About the tyres, I agree with the other guys: you simply can't go offroad with street tyres and complain about it, end of the story.
    Another thing I didn't understand: You said that with the panniers, the passenger has to hop on the bike first? Excuse me, WHAT? It's always the rider that hops on the bike FIRST, and this GS makes no exception.

  • Good to here the diff, thoughts.Actually I am with you all the way Jamie,. I am a bit old school with my DR650 and Aprilia Pegaso but hear what you say about the BM.All good critic

  • I truly believed that you had great motorcycles knowledge and I can see that you are a great rider but this is NOT a F800GS. It's a F800GSA and the tank is 24 liters not 16 liters. I mostly agree with what you are saying but the F800GSA is somewhere between the F800GS and the R1200GS NOT to be confused with the R1200GSA or F800GS.I can't understand why you would confuse those 2. I do patreon and I do expect accurate informations.

  • Much better review Jamie. Very objective and points out the issues. Not just an add for the new Bike. Nice job.

  • It is petrol, not gas (before anyone says it gas is not short for gasoline, gas is a word and we do not power our bikes with gas).

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