January 23, 2021

BMW F800GS Adventure Review at fortnine.ca

RyanF9 reviews his own BMW F800GS Adventure. It’s a motorcycle love story all right – but will it have a happy ending?

Our Bike Review Gear Setup:
Klim Krios Helmet:
Icon Raiden DKR Jacket:
Icon Raiden Arakis Pants:
Icon Patrol Boots:
Scorpion Klaw II Gloves:

Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca:

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  • Our Bike Review Gear Setup:
    Klim Krios Helmet: https://frt9.co/v6hxj4
    Icon Raiden DKR Jacket: https://frt9.co/i0b5ym
    Icon Raiden Arakis Pants: https://frt9.co/gqm1df
    Icon Patrol Boots: https://frt9.co/b4xu37
    Scorpion Klaw II Gloves: https://frt9.co/ah3k3o

  • The quality of your videos – undoubted. The quality of your thoughts … variable !

    Why do I say that ? Well this line “the extra 35Llbs make the bike more planted “
    We don’t want heavy bikes, we want lighter bikes !

  • No Bike should way over 200kg. Everything above 220 is not a motorcycle anymore but a tanker that requires a captains license.

  • Finding your reviews incredibly entertaining as well as informative. Any chance you can review the BMW F900XR as I'm thinking about getting one. 👍🏼

  • I guess I'm old school, in fact for sure I'm old school, I'm 69 years old school. To me for a bike to be a REAL BMW it's cylinders must protrude out sideways. I have an ancient R100GS, I haven't ridden it for awhile because the clutch is bathed in oil from a leaking crank seal. It's kind of my favorite motorcycle, I love the way it handles, but I make my living working on cars so it stands to reason I can't stand working on my own shit.
    I also have in my stable of bikes a K1200RS, yes the inline four laid on it's side. I rue the day I bought that bike, one owner, 75 year old man. I hate it, it's cylinders all protrude on one side, and it's uncomfortable and scares the shit out of me at 145 in a rather gentle curve. It's absolutely no R1. It detests turning, and turns are necessary. Plus it's uncomfortable.
    So I ride my R1100R which I have tarted up with a windscreen, I have a hot rod exhaust, and a tuner that I have to adjust to get the performance right. It requires a tiny screw driver and it has four pots. I believe I have probably tripled the horsepower, it screams like a cat caught in a fan belt. The bike is rated at a paltry 80 hp stock, and when I got it the thing ran like utter shit. LEAN LEAN LEAN. So being a top notch diagnostic mechanic with gobs of scan tools and scopes, I disconnected the O2 sensor and adjusted the TPS. Oh so much better, but it ate fuel. So I bought this tuner and got an exhaust and by Golly it woke the bike up. I'm probably making a 100 hp or so.
    I don't think I'd like a twin that has three connecting rods, the extra rod rotates the counter balance shaft, what a weird way to go.
    I have no desire at all to ride off road, if I get the hots to ride off road I ride a dirt bike. I haven't ridden off road in awhile because the guy who'd loan me a dirt bike work up dead, RIP Corey.
    I'm gonna buy a Mazda Miata this week. And I might wash my motorcycle, I neglected to do it last year, and maybe the year before that. My dog rides with me, he's so damn cute.
    Enjoy the ride, life is short,.

  • I bought the 2015 F700GS. It has a 800 twin engine. It has ABS. "Anti-spin". "Electronic Suspension Adjustment" (ESA) And mine comes with "Automatic Stability Control" (ASC)
    and even heated hand-grips. And for a fraction of the price. What is not to love?
    The 1200GS is awesome, but I love my 700GS! I think I'll keep it for a while after paying it off.

  • I love falling in love… congrats on your love affair and thank you for making these awesome vids. Tenere 700 review coming anytime soon?

  • Hi Ryan,could you recommend what are the minimum tools needed for this bike on a journey. Thanks

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