September 17, 2020

2017 Honda CBR300R vs. Hyosung GD250R

Hyosung’s GD250R is a proper 250cc class competitor, but the class has moved on to bigger and better things. The Ninja stalwart has grown to 300cc, while the Yamaha R3 is even bigger, at 321cc. And the 373cc in KTM’s RC390 further ups the segment’s displacement ceiling. It’s closest competitor from the larger manufacturers is the 286cc Honda CBR300R.

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Hyosung GD250R single-bike review:


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  • Hyosung is garbage right now just give it time to ware Hyundai is right now and then Hyosung will definitely get to ware Hyundai is right now they just need more time too get there but I know that they will definitely get there soon just give them time too figure things out just like how Hyundai did and now look at Hyundai motor corp just how far Hyundai came Hyosung just needs to get that time frame to get there and they will definitely get there

  • I have seen the Hyosung for as little as $2500 new and have heard of people buying them new for as little as $2000. It's worth $2500 as long as you can put yourself into a human pretzel position for more than 20 min at a time. The seat, foot-peg position is horrendous. I would have bought it a long time ago, however I'm 6', 205. That seating !

  • The Hyosung is not enough better of a deal to be worth it. Maybe if it were $2,000 cheaper new it cod possibly inspire going for it.

  • The hyosung can now be had for 2,500 new even less used. At that low price it’s definitely a tempting proposition.

  • I don’t like buying off brand Chinese junk bikes they fall apart after a year of riding. Just pay the extra money for better product that will last a long time.

  • I'm contemplating getting a new hyosung for 2500 compared to getting a used 250 for the same price and 20kmiles. Let me know if I'm making the right decision.

  • Them Hyosung dumb asses shodda brought forward an updated gt650r version, sporting the same shape. They could have ironed out all of the reliability issues of the previous versions and priced it considerably less than the competition. Covering these few points may cause a little upset for the competition but would satisfy consumers on a lower budget who'd prefer a brand new purchase and respectable quality.

  • Hyosung should have brought the redesigned GT650r to the states. It's a nice looking bike and the vtwin engine is lots of fun.

  • Give the Asian guy ANYTHING to compare (BMW GS, Yamaha Super Ténéré, Kawasaki H2R, Suzuki Hayabusa, BMW S1000RR, HD Electraglide, ANY FUCKIN THING) and any Honda bike and he'll always go with the Honda. What kind of argument is that? "A Honda is a Honda? Wtf, you get paid for that? The Korean bike is more powerful, lighter, cheaper, very likely to be just as reliable if not better ( I owned a CB300F and can vouch for how shitty they are, mine blew after 8k miles) "OMG Honda's fit and finish" suck a dick with that bs.

  • The 300 Honda is a joke, and for what you pay for them you can afford the Ninja 300 with much more power, and it can actually ride on the interstate. Buy the Hyosung to learn how to ride.

  • Theres two 2017 GD250R's brand new for $2500 usd near me right now. For the price its tempting to get as a work transport kind of bike

  • This is more of a video of why the Honda CBR 300 sucks so much they had to compare it with a Hyosung. Had a buddy who owned the CBR 300. We went riding one day and the shift link bolt and rear axle bolt both came off after only ~40 minutes of riding.

  • Those clip ons on the Honda easily go under the plate to give you an aggressive position. Easy 10 mins no mods. I just looked at a new 2017 at the dealer (cbr300). About 3400 bucks. I think I may get it eben though I have bigger bikes they are pre 95 and no fuel injection.

  • Fast forward to now and that 2017 hyosung at my local dealer is $2400 ttl included out the door brand new while that just as slow 2017 Honda with 200 miles they are asking $4500 not including TTL …. Don't be fooled or suckered in to paying $$$ for the name brand people. Oorrrr you can just go online and find you a fairly used 600cc sports bike for cheap might even get lucky like me and find a 08 r6 10,000 miles with all the customizations already done for $2800! Don't buy these lil bikes unless you live somewhere where the highest posted speed limit is 55mph and there is curvey roads. Have a buddy that put 60/40s on his cbr250 goes light trail riding. Looks fun but I stay where 45mph is the lowest speed and I have to take freeways to get to places so 75mph or higher is a must with plenty of power to over take several vehicles when at those speeds these little bikes won't have that power delivery.

  • i just got this bike (hyosung gd250r) and i need help. On the left handle it has the lights control i switch it up and nothing happens i switch it down and still nothing happens its only when i push the "PASS" button that both light turn on and if i switch it while holding the "PASS" button only one remains on but if i let go the "PASS" button both turn off, is that normal? i really need help dont want to drive like that and i dont want to take it to the delearship and have them tell me its normal

  • How the he'll did you two bunglers deem yourselves worthy of mangling this comparison review? Aweful, not awesome.

  • the korean bike sure got the looks and feel…too bad the CBR looks sloopy and unconvinceing.i just wondering when honda will change the appearence just like that of HYO…it will be a very sweet little bike…

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